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Get up and foiling quickly and safely with this ultimate 2 hour hydrofoiling package.

We have developed an exciting new hydrofoiling experience here in the Raglan estuary, with some of the most talented instructor’s giving expert lessons, including Matt Taggart, World Masters Hydrofoiling Champion 2016.

You only need to have moderate fitness*, and with the waterproof “BB Talkin” radio communication system, we are able to give real time coaching at all times in a clear and concise tone.

This 2 hour package includes:

• Full 2hr use of the jet ski
• Optimal one on one use of an expert instructor
• Use of all hydrofoiling equipment, safety gear, impact vests and wet suits.

Total package $349.00

*Only moderate fitness required but must be a competent swimmer. 

We also offer a 2 hour group lesson package (max 2 people). 

All equipment and instruction as above but learn with a friend and experience flying on water.

Total package $450

Extra hours can be booked before or whilst out on the water for $150 per extra hour. 

Any purchase of an Armstrong or J Shapes foil and board will include this 2 hour package for free:

Call our Ozone shop to book in today: 

+6421 0244 7902