Kitesurf School in Raglan
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The Group Kitesurfing Lessons offered by Raglan Kite School is a fantastic opportunity and fun way to experience the thrill of kitesurfing together with your friends! Learn how to kitesurf in New-Zealand in a group of two.

Your instructor will run you through different steps to make sure you become an independent kitesurfer as quickly as possible. Our group kitesurfing lesson is tailored to ensure everyone in the group feels comfortable and safe while having an amazing time

It's all about you

When you arrive at our school, you will find a team that is ready to suit your needs. We are ready to put in all our energy to guarantee that you are having fun during your learning experience and progression.

Learning curve

Our team's primary goal is to accelerate the student‚ also learning curve through personal and individual lessons. To help achieve this goal, we offer private and semi-private lessons for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

Our teaching model

Our way of teaching is based on the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO) methodology. This step-by-step approach allows instructors to tailor each kitesurfing lesson. As a result, our students become independent Kitesurfers more quickly and safely, making lessons a great experience.

Our Kitesurf lessons

We offer 2-hour, 6 hour or 10 hour lessons packages. All lessons start off at your current level and guide you through to the next steps in your learning curve. This assures you have optimal use of our teacher's expertise during these Kitesurf lessons.

Of course we make sure this is done safely and teach you how to ride safe when you go out on your own. The lessons include the use of all kite equipment. We teach with the latest premium Ozone equipment, IGNITION V2, UNOV2 and CATALYST V2, Ozone boards, Mystic wetsuits, helmets and impact vests.

We also utilise "BB Talkin" waterproof radio communication system. It is a real time coaching tool which allows the instructor to instantly be able to give calm and concise instructions.


Kitesurf School from Ozonenewzealand on Vimeo.