MYSTIC Matrix Boardbag

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- 8mm padding
- Heavy duty zipper
- Storage straps
- Padded divider for protection between the boards
- Secure straps outside
- Shoulder strap
- Integrated wheels
- Address card pocket with visor
- Carry straps

Packing guide

The 1.40 MTR boardbag can have 2 kites (including bar and lines, up to 14m²), 1 board and 4 different accessories, such as wetsuits, harnesses and leashes. The 1.60 MTR offers space for two more accessories. The 1.80 MTR offers space for 1 more kite and 3 more accessories.

8mm padding

The protective core of the boardbag is a 8mm thick closed cell foam padding, keeping a tight balance between weight and impact strength.