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The CF1600 is our go to foil for smaller wave riding, down wind swell riding, Sup and wake surf. Although perfectly suited for beginners of all foil disciplines the CF1600 is the multi tool of the foil world. The CF 1600 setup in combo with the stiff mast/fuselage is specifically developed to be the most stable and easy to carve foil available.

The CF1600 is designed to get you up and flying on the foil easily at low speed. This high lift front wing produces smooth progressive lift at low speeds, together with the new generation wingtips making it easier to control as the foil starts to fly and accelerate. The other advantage of this wing is that due to the unique high lift foil section it has a built in speed control, once up to speed it will stop accelerating and allow you time and comfort to be able to concentrate on just riding the foil.

The CF1600 is the perfect foil choice for small to mid size Surf or SUP foiling, the best all round Wake foil and an amazing fun light wind carving Kite foil.

All Foil kits or separate parts include a protective bag.