145 Freeride Board

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145 Freeride Board 

This board is made to be easy, tough and versatile.  It comes with a carbon Tuttle box we can fit a Deep Tuttle and Tuttle box mast in it.  The 145x52 is a great size for most riders, it gives you ample volume and stability to take on any conditions. The large bevel rails will make the touch downs soft, the tail rocker with make your transition and ride more comfortable.  The large deck pad and the 7 footstrap inserts with 5 holes, will give you ample adjustments to setup your board the way you like.  The size of the board gives the rider plenty of volume to get planning in light winds and bounce back up during touch downs.  


Length: 145cm
Width: 52cm
Thickness: 7.5cm


All of the boards are made in house in Raglan, New Zealand.

We did a lot of testing different constructions to determine what was the best for a comfortable freeride board.  We found that fiberglass was the toughest and most comfortable. 

The board is 7.5 cm thick with a 28kg/m3 eps foam core with a high density PVC deck.  The glass with toughen Epoxy makes this board strong and comfortable to ride.
Both top and bottom layer wrap around the rails making them 6 layers thick of  fiberglass to take the harness hook impacts.

The Tuttle box is reinforce with high density foam around it and on the top.

The deck is also covered with a large pad to protect your board and make it comfortable when riding strapped or strapless.  

The Finish

The boards are painted with Altex boat paints that are tough and made for marine environments.


  • Deep Tuttle
  • Tuttle

Foot Straps

The 145 comes with 2 footstraps.

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