When the wind is NW through to a SW, head to the estuary for some awesome kiting. When the tide is outgoing you'll get about 8 knots of current, which means you only need 8-10 knots of wind (NW - SW) against tide to be cranking, or 30 knots to be totally ripping! 


When you arrive into the main hub of Raglan township, take a left (opp the historic pub) and follow the road over the bridge.

 Continue on Wainui Road for a couple of km until you see a surfboard shop on your left, then take a right on to Riria Kereopa Drive.

Follow that around and you'll come to the car park overlooking the harbour estuary. Rig down on the beach and hit the water. If the wind is light and you’re there on an incoming tide, you can follow the same road to the end, and kite the surfbeach. Thats a lot of fun too. 


Just be aware if you drop your kite and lose your board, it will go out to sea pretty fast on an outgoing current. I lost a board out to sea and it washed back to shore a week later. Locals know this and will always pick up a board if they see it and bring it back in. 

If you are on your own (not recommended) then relaunch your kite quickly and/or hold onto your board. Better yet, dont drop your kite!


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